Bobi Damcevski is an Authorised Players Agent:

-      Registered Lawyers RLD 1735 under the FA Football Agents Regulations (UK & Wales);

-      Authorised Players Agent under the FFA Player Agent Regulations (Australia).


Bobi provides comprehensive player agent and management services to Soccer/ Football Players.

Bobi’s credentials include amongst other things, being a Qualified and Licenced Lawyer in Australia, specializing in Contract Law.

Bobi aims to offer players honesty, integrity and professionalism in all his dealings.

Bobi provides more than just player agent services to players. As a player himself often acting as a mentor and provides players with insights on a wide range of subjects from career development to advice on their post soccer/ football career. Bobi also represents players in negotiations for marketing, sponsorship and endorsement contracts for players.

In particular Bobi provides without limitation the following services:

-      Negotiating the terms of the playing contract
-      Introducing the player clubs
-      Negotiating the terms of marketing, sponsorship and endorsement contracts for players
-      Financial planning referrals
-      Current playing and post playing career planning
-      Dispute resolution and Tribunal support for players
-      Risk Management and identifying Legal issues and solutions
-      Mentor player’s and their concerns

Bobi is able to:

-      Represent and assist Australian players obtain trials and contracts at soccer/ football clubs
-      Represent and assist Australian players to obtain trials and contracts at clubs in the English, European and Asian            markets
-      Represent and assist International players to obtain trials and contracts withing Australia
-      Assist players to develop their playing careers via training development programs available within Australia
-      Assist players to appear at short term trials and training programs for Australian player in European Youth Football          Academies (strictly only in accordance with FIFA guidelines)
-      Refer youth players to specialised coaches and mentors here and abroad.

ALL players are welcome to make enquiries herein by contacting Bobi Damcevski at his office on 61 02 9709 6511 or by email

If you have an electronic video or digital player profile and/ or resume and /or player profile resume, please email it to or otherwise contact Bobi on 61 02 9709 6511.

Bobi provides the same managements services to Coaches and Clubs.

Bobi also provides comprehensive agent and management services to:

i)             Former players (who now coach and mentor other players)
ii)            Coaches (club to club or academy)
iii)           Clubs (Bobi is retained by clubs to source players and coaches)